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There are many opportunities in Ireland to practice Dentistry.
For those coming from a non-EU State, Dr Jennings of Innovative Dental, and myself from Positive Practice can help in finding a suitable practice, organising employment permits and assistance in settling into the Irish way of life professionally and socially.

This may be a time when questions need to be asked about the direction you are taking. Do you have a plan? If that is not the case then decisions need to be made about why is there not a plan, which makes common sense, is logical and can be achieved.

Are you in the right workplace, do you have sufficient control and autonomy and is your work rewarding? An assessment of your work may also involve other professionals, such as Councilors, Doctors, Accountants, and others who together with us will be able to advise you.

Mentoring and Planning

Make a decision as everyone has to study,work,or take a year out.
Investigate your choice and seek advice from those you trust.
Take responsibility and commit to your decision.


Mentoring is a way where the life experiences of one person is used to and guide another to realise their own potential and improve their working, and personal life. Taking POSITIVE PRACTICE and MENTORING together will help you to become positive, productive, a be able to work effectively, and to become the person you wish to be.

Positive Practice

Positive practice is a belief and trust in a Journey, to help you to improve and facilitate your learning, by using experiences to develop your skills to better your working life and give you a positive approach to your practicing career, and by extension your life.

What I OFFer

Recreation, Exercise, Finance, Hydration, Work, Relationships, Education, Nutrition and Sleep.  Where any of these disciplines of Life are out of order it is often that others will be affected most probably work. 

By helping you to recognise this and using my own experiences I can help you to become more Positive and improve you working life by fearlessly evaluating issues setting goals and achieving a Positive Outcome that is Inspired by Life

What prompted you to contact me at this stage of your career? Do you feel that your present aims for the future need to change?
What issues in life have impacted on you and how do they affect your work. What are your aspirations for your career ?
If you feel that I can help you now that you have identified and described your issues and aspirations, please contact me.
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