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Dr Angus Roche

L.D.S., R.C.S.I., M.Sc., U.Lond.

Angus Roche 73 years old and 55 in the world of Dentistry, studying, teaching, practicing, helping, observing, and still travelling.

The experiences I have gained in this journey I have used to help and mentor students, employees, colleagues and others, to develop and use their own skills, education, and sometimes common sense.

This they then used to create positive organisation and problem-solving to further their careers and personal lives; Inspired by Life.



+353 86 233 8313


Using the life experiences of a teacher to help develop the life and career of someone seeking assistance
Guidance & Advice
Fearless evaluation, common sense, practicality and wisdom, used to create a positive outcome
03 / mission statement

There comes a time in life when decisions have to be made in order to start, change or progress your journey through life in your profession and career and daily life. This may be at the very beginning of your journey , during it, or nearing the end.

This journey can be made easier by learning to make decisions act on them and by doing this improve the quality of your life.

Mentoring allows me to look at life in all its complexity, full of decision-making at different times with many implications. At the beginning of our journey in life we start studying, full of expectation.

Work begins and the daily journey is influenced by many factors. We often stagnate. Then, and for many reasons, we try to change  to improve. Mentoring can be used to your advantage, to make adjustments, to inspire your life, and become the person you want to be.

The Journey

REFHWRENS : Recognising the connection between Life’s Disciplines of, Recreation, Exercise, Finance, Hydration, Work, Relationships, Education, Nutrition, and Sleep, and where any of these  are malfunctioning, it is probable that others will be affected.

Often  Work suffers and  in that context  Positive Practice can help you to put processes in place to improve your situation. This could involve using examples from my experiences, which may mirror yours, to develop your ability to fearlessly evaluate  what challenges you. 

Technical and professional advice about specific procedures in treating patients, ongoing education, dealing with  issues in the running of your practice, such as relationships and communication.  Daily Life can be assessed and processes developed to address and correct these issues.

  This work I do may involve advising you  to consult with suitably qualified practitioners to help with certain challenges not covered by  Mentoring.  These may be legal or accounting problems, sleep deprivation or other health matters, and those areas that are more suitably dealt with by specifically qualified Doctors, Therapists and Professionals. 

What prompted you to contact me at this stage of your career? Do you feel that your present aims for the future need to change?
What issues in life have impacted on you and how do they affect your work. What are your aspirations for your career ?
If you feel that I can help you now that you have identified and described your issues and aspirations, please contact me.
04 / Testimonials
testimonial-team (Demo)

A few months ago I got into a difficult situation with a patient and I didn’t know how to approach the problem. I got more and more anxious and worried about it and I got to the point when I lost all my confidence in myself as a dentist. I knew I needed help, so I contacted Angus. It was the best decision that I could make. His nice and calm personality assured me at the very first meeting that he was the right person to turn to. He helped me not only with my patient, but also with my concerns in myself. He is a great and reliable help for me, who is always there when I need advise, support or just a few reassuring words.

testimonial-team (Demo)

I’m delighted for you and encourage you to keep influencing. You are a rare man, expertise and compassion rarely go together so completely and harmoniously as they do in your soul.
Be well my friend

testimonial-team (Demo)

As you start this next exciting chapter in your professional life Bernardine and I wish you every success and satisfaction as you bring your unique and exceptional skill & experience to the aid of your young colleagues as they try to maintain the standards that you achieved in your long and illustrious career.

With Kindest Regards,

testimonial-team (Demo)

It was so nice of you to telephone me on Tuesday last and to give me the opportunity to share, once more, some kind thoughts with each other. 

Take good care Angus. You are a ready made perfect fit for Professional Mentoring and I wish you every possible success going forward.

Warmest best wishes to you both,

Fond regards,

testimonial-team (Demo)

Hi Dr. Angus,
A good decision to retire, indeed to protect yourself, and those around you from any risk.
Wish you all the best in your PositivePractice.ie journey and I am sure a lot of Doctors will benefit from such experience and dedication.


testimonial-team (Demo)
Medical Colleague

Great clinicians – like great footballers- always look like time is on their side. They are able to slow things down when needed because they have a better sense where things are headed. You always had time – a great quality in these time-starved days. 
I would love to chat to you about your mentoring of others. Mentoring is badly needed in my field too. I love your byline ‘inspired by life in dentistry’.


testimonial-team (Demo)

I have known Dr Angus Roche for almost forty years initially as a teacher and mentor and more recently as a clinical colleague. I first encountered Dr Roche as  an Undergraduate Dental Student in Trinity College Dublin in 1977 when he was a Clinical Tutor at the Dublin Dental Hospital. His enthusiasm for teaching and his genuine interest in the clinical progress  and holistic welfare of the students was obvious at a very early stage. Dr Roche was an outstanding and inspiring teacher who went well beyond  the remit of his duties at the Dublin Dental Hospital and was a wonderful role model for all dental students and junior clinicians. In the recent years I have encountered Dr Roche on a regular basis at the Faculty of Dentistry RCSI at the Post Graduate Didactic and Hands on courses. He has maintained his enthusiasm for teaching, debate and measured insight into numerous relevant clinical topics in contemporary Dental Practice.He is ideally suited to his recent interest in mentoring junior and indeed more senior clinicians, based not only on his in depth knowledge of dentistry over many years in practice, but also on his  genuine interest in the welfare of his mentees

testimonial-team (Demo)
Now a University student

In the week I spent time under the supervision of Angus and acted as a small-time assistant sitting beside his dental chair and handing him equipment and helping the patient with certain things. I learned many things about the dental surgery through the week. This was because I was new to something and had to learn quickly on the job about dental things and how to act with the client. On off times I would also get taught certain things in detail of what we had just done in the surgery. This mix of learning strategies helped me learn a lot in the concentrated time of a week and develop as a person as I observed how to work with others and with the client. In dentistry each client and each case is very different so being versatile and adapting is very important.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Now A Business Executive

Angus has enabled me to challenge myself, gain confidence in my own abilities and grow as person, both professionally and personally.

His guidance and approach comes from his own extensive experience and knowledge – understanding the reality and challenges facing me during the course of my own career – from making decisions to coping with challenges and hurdles. His mentorship has always focused me, and continues to do so throughout my career journey.

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