Degree In Your Hand

A decision needs to be made regarding going to work to earn a living, or, to continue to a further level of education and learning. Remember however, ongoing education in your professional life is an essential even if you are working full-time.

Embrace Education and Learning

Now you will have knowledge and advice from your time studying and networking. Use it. You may find you need further assistance to make a decision to study full time. Ask questions of all who offer advice and be sure to get understandable answers. In this way you will educate yourself to take responsibility and make decisions.

Mentoring may offer you different perspectives on the many issues now facing you.
Where will this lead to; staying abroad or come home more highly qualified
Postgraduate studies; Home or Abroad; Assess the viability; Use advice wisely
Remain in academic life;
part time academia and practice;
restricted / specialist practice

Having negotiated suitable conditions with a Principal, settling into day-to-day work will present you with further challenges. Entering into a contract with a Company will present different issues as against a small practice. The Financial aspects need to be understood and contract, needs to be checked and verified before signing.

The issues in Work such as Relationships with all members of staff, technical aspects of your work, the ethos and philosophy of your workplace, are all areas where assistance is available and often necessary. That your Exercise, Nutrition and Health are continually reviewed will help to get a good Sleep.

Mentoring may help you to recognise the many issues arising at work


Mentoring is a way or a journey whereby experiences of a wise and trusted teacher can help to develop the life of someone in need.

Mentoring can be made to work because the mentor may have experienced similar issues, and has the ability to motivate and enable the mentee to develop their own skills, beliefs and decision making.

By creating a trusting, listening, non-judgmental environment the process of questioning, analysing and decision-making can be developed

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