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Daily Routine

Do we ever have to stop making decisions? If we do? Why? It may be because we are dissatisfied or unable to continue, want to change or just want to stop.

Tired? Stressed? Not Sleeping? Not Fulfilled? Sell your practice and become an associate then you only have to concentrate on your work.

  • Just want a new journey ?
  • Go back and study full time?
  • Take time out and then think again?
Is your day and life happy and productive ?
What is causing you to question what may not be working properly ?
Would mentoring or guidance
help ?
ever changing technology

The evolving world of IT is now available…

From the beginning of the day where our appointments are on  screen with all the notes highlighted even audibly telling us what to do, through the diagnostic tools of scanning technology, to the guiding instruments which enlarge and direct our instruments in the working field, into the area of laboratory technology from scanning through engineering and the provision of completed prostheses.

The practice management tools available like everything else still require our personal oversight and significant guidance

fearless evaluation

If it’s because you want to move on try the road less travelled. It is time to move on.

Being able to sit back and fearlessly evaluate what you have done, what you want to change, and then change, may require a little assistance. I haven’t reached that point of stopping completely and can see a massive benefit in continuing my life in a different direction. In my case it happens to be mentoring, inspired by my life, to help others to a positive outcome.

Are you happy with life and work balance ?
Can you isolate what challenges you ?
Maybe mentoring could help you now
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